The Human Aspect: “We’ve lost too much heart and too many people in the process”

I wanted to share this first, before I send you to the article that will clarify where these memories and thoughts are coming from. Listening to this may be painful, frustrating, and heartbreaking… Continue reading

La Crosse Hmong New Year 2012 backed by $25K grant

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism awarded the Hmong Mutual Assistance Association with $25,000 to promote the Hmong New Year in October. The money will be used to fund ads on the TV, radio… Continue reading

I’m back, enjoy the slideshow

I know. It’s been almost three weeks. I won’t offer any excuses…except that school is kicking my butt! I know. That’s just not good enough. I’ll make up for it. Right now. Just… Continue reading

McDonald’s Failed Attempt at the Hmong Language

McDonald's Billboard in Hmong

McDonald’s billboard that went up in St. Paul last week. Photo from the Pioneer Press, which was made available by Keller Grayson Communications.

Hmong American Studies Job Opportunity and Student Power

I know, I know! I already missed the first week of my promises! I have a very good reason (ahem, excuse) for it. But, more on that later. I have something more interesting… Continue reading

Hmong Clothing Appeared in Glamour Magazine

I know I’m a bit late on this, but I’ve been wanting to post this ever since I saw it last month, and could not leave today without making this post first! I’m… Continue reading

Looking for info on Hmong Music Festival

I found out about it a little bit too late to be able to attend, but the Hmong Music Festival in California took place for the Memorial Day weekend! This looks like an… Continue reading

Dr. Yang Dao presents at the UW

Dr. Yang Dao, a well-recognized scholar and leader in the Hmong community, spent some time talking to Hmong students after his presentation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Friday. His message to the… Continue reading

Should I include blog posts written in Hmong?

The blog titled “A history of swollen stomachs explained in a Hmong belief” has been removed. For those who saw this earlier and was wondering what the heck I was getting at, I’m… Continue reading

A thank you to the La Crosse Tribune for a lack of labels

An article about the charges filed against two young men for allegedly shooting and killing a college student in March was published today by the La Crosse Tribune. I’ll let you read the article… Continue reading